Version 0.0.5 is out!

Happy new year!  

The long awaited update is here.. so here it is: 

What's new

  • Introduced the concept of projects, tasks are grouped into projects which can then be prioritized.  You can assign maximum workers per project, adjust priority and see the progress.
  • Workers perform all basic tasks, the workers can do all tasks but  will not receive experience/advancement (this will be added in future) in any profession.
  • Added a new "delivery" job.  
  • You can double click a person in the "Population" window to center on them
  • Added work indicators, to show tasks, task assignment and also a progress bar.
  • Window panel, you will see a new panel in the top-left corner that allows you to control windows that can be closed/opened.
  • R is now the new key for rotating build objects

Known issues

  • People "migrate" between projects.  When you have multiple projects going on people will sometimes go between projects instead of waiting for tasks to be available on their current project.  Work assignment needs some tweaking to get this resolved.
  • Farming is not fully functional yet.   You can plant stuff but not harvest yet.

Please report any feedback/issues you find to the subreddit:

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Jan 01, 2018

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