Update 0.0.7 is out!

New update is out!

- Fixed the heat simulation to be more consistent and predictable. 
- Firewood delivery gets prioritized properly
- Added "deconstruct" option
- Added movement bonuses/penalties so people move quicker on clear paths and roads
- Crops now depend on proper temperature to grow instead of seasons


RulersQuest-v0.0.7-Win.zip 21 MB
Mar 03, 2018


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Looks like trees still get selected by Clear Vegetation.

Also, people still get stuck inside things when building them and then sleep to death. Not only that but there tends to be quick die-offs of people without reason even when it's warm and food is available.

On the upside: I can confirm that wheat harvesting now works for me, and I can replant fields.


Thanks for the quick feedback, I'm gonna work on more fixes soon.  Are you saying people are warm and food is at 100% and they still die? I have not seen that happen. 

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They might not actually be warm, but they wouldn't go warm themselves up ever or grab food. They'd just go do a task and drop dead. I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that play now starts in Spring instead of Summer.


I'm thinking it's probably related to food. I'm adding a history window so you will be able to see the cause of death and some other events that happen in the game.  That should help figure out what is going on.